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Pupdate :)

Tacoh's puppies are growing fast! Only two weeks to home time!

They've gotten so big, adventurous, and loving over the last month and a half it's incredible. As a breeder it's hard to say goodbye to each and every one, but so rewarding and exciting to see them thrive and flourish in their new homes.

So far we have puppies going to Vancouver, Saskatoon, Regina, Edmonton, and Calgary from this litter! There are 3 left, so who knows where next!

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Mar 10

I am interested in buying a tricolor female puppy thus summer. We live in saskatoon and today met one of your puppies, and talked with the owner . Are you planning any litters for this summer? I like it that she said your puppies are well socialized, good with children and not nippy. Hope to hear from you. Jill Thomson

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